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Every Saturday from June 10th to September 23rd  9 am to 1:30 pm

2016 Vendor Roster

Batter Cupcakes Batter is a cupcake catering business that churns out fields cupcakes while you dream of whipped vanilla clouds and caramel waterfalls.  We specialize in gourmet, hand-piped cupcakes for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers or any event that may need a little sugar boost!  Find us at farmer's markets, festivals, and local coffee shops & specialty food stores around Vail. battercupcakeslogo.png 
 Borden Farms 

Borden organic farm was established in 1996 by Guy and Lynn Borden. A passion for quality drives our commitment to grow the finest and freshest flowers, herbs, and organic produce for our customers. Our love of the land and appreciation of great food inspires us to farm with the same care that you would take in your own backyard garden.

Located on the Western Slope of Colorado, Borden Farms is situated in the fertile Uncompahgre Valley in the historic farming community of Pea Green. At an elevation of 5,423 feet, the warm summer days and cool nights combine with a fertile, sandy loam soil to provide ideal conditions for growing. From a modest beginning, we have grown each year to 14 acres of field production and over 13,000 square feet of flowers, herbs and vegetable plants in our greenhouses.

 Capt'n Ricks Wild Alaskan Salmon   Wild Alaskan Salmon  
Clark Family Orchards 

James A.Clark, one of the first fruit growers in the valley, purchased 20 acres of land where he plowed and planted peaches in the late 1800's.Every generation since has grown fruit in the Palisade area.  Now, six generations later and over 100 years, the Clark Family is still actively farming fruit at the east end of the Palisade area.

The farm now consists of 100 acres of owned and leased ground, which raises cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, and plums along with a wonderful vegetable garden.  We sell our produce across the state and mid-west including Oklahoma and Texas.  If you are unable to find our produce, always feel free to ask your local store to handle Clark Family Orchards, Inc.  
Colorado Alpines & Wildflower Farm
Located in Edwards, Colorado, and open year round, we’re the Vail Valley’s premier garden retailer and estate landscape designer. Our friendly and expert gardeners and landscapers are ready to assist you in developing your landscape design, choosing the best plants for your garden, offering advice for the long­term success of your projects, and more. So come on in and say hi or simply take some time to explore.
 Colorado's Best Tamales Tamales, Salsa's, Chips and Lemonade's  
 Emerald Gold Coffee   Healthy coffee & tea infused with red reishi mushroom. I offer samples and full cups hot or cold plus take home packages and supplements. Also, soap and toothpaste infused with red reishi or ganoderma lucidum.

Green Elephant Juicery Our mission is simple: make it easy for people to eat healthy foods. With our online ordering and delivery, living healthy just got even easier. Find your favorite juices, place your order and in less than an hour you will be enjoying cold pressed juice.  greenelephant.png
Guerrero's Chile Guerrero's Chile is a family owned business; we have been in the chile business since 1997.
See us at your local Farmers' Markets!
Business owners
Kimberly and  Frank Guerrero.

Frank and Kimberly Guerrero  are also  artist, creating unmatchable stone creations ranging from the kitchen stoneware designs, furniture to sculptures and more. 
 Half Pint Naturals

We live and play the Rocky Mountains.
 Whether on the rivers or the slopes, we have the skin to show for it. Our desire was to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from our sunscreen, insect repellent and lotions. We started developing our own potions in 2011 and shared with our friends and family. Our sleep serum, lotion bars, nail butter & Magic Muscle Stick were well received and so began our adventure.

Jasmine Home Cooking 

* Jasmine Home Cooking provides home style mediterranean. Middle-eastern, Asian food.
* We do food delivery and catering service, we also participated in some local events as food vendor.
* Jasmine Home Cooking kitchen puts an emphasis on fresh food, I will buy the fresh ingredients as per your order, cook from   scratch using the freshest ingredients.
* Only Limited dishes from the menu will be served on daily basis.

* For catering we provide full menu for your choice.
* I use fresh products, natural ingredients, I don't use MSG. Main Ingredients for every dish are listed on the menu, not include the   spices, herbs and natural flavors/extracts for baking.
* Sorry, No Pork, only Vegetarian, Turky, Chicken, Lamb, limited sea food and Beef.
Please delight your taste buds with our fresh, home-cooked meals!


 Kalebs Katch 

Bristol Bay Alaska is home to the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the World, some 30 to 40 million salmon push for the headwaters of there spawning grounds each year.  Bristol Bay fishery is certified Sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and the number of spawning salmon are monitored by a team of Alaskan State Biologists. To ensure Sustainability the number of salmon that travel past the fishing grounds on there way to spawn are carefully monitored and escapement goals must be met each year before fishing can begin. Other fish caught in the nets, or “by catch “are not allowed. All five species of salmon are caught each year, Sockeye, Chum, Coho, Pinks, and Chinook, Sockeye is the most abundant.

Kaleb Walker has a passion for the outdoors. He moved to Colorado in 2006 After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management at Western Carolina University. In addition to working as a hunting guide, he is a Commercial fisherman on the “Sound and Fury” for Captain Robert Lebovic in Bristol Bay Alaska. Bristol Bay spawning season starts in June and ends in August, Drift Net Fishing is done from a 32’ foot boat with a 200 yard 15 foot deep net. All the salmon are hand picked from the net and held in slush ice. The Salmon are then delivered to a tender boat minimally processed and flash frozen, ensuring the freshest product possible.


 Overkill Hot Sauce      
 Pasta More 
16 years ago, we had a vision to bring gourmet food to local Farmers Markets. Starting in the beautiful state of Colorado, Pastamore has expanded all over the country and we thank you for taking us home with you!

We are very excited about the relationships we have built with many of the people in your local Farmers Markets, Italian Festivals , Wine Festivals and Craft Shows. We are passionate about developing new flavors such as our All Natural BBQ Sauces, Hand Made Pasta & Certified Gluten-Free Pasta. Don't forget to check out our Custom Gift Boxes or Monthly Recipe Boxes for that special chef in your life!  Feel free to let us know what you think of our new products, your feedback is very important to us!

 Smith Livestock All natural, grass fed beef, pork, lamb, goat and chicken as well as all natural, cage free chicken guinea, duck and quial eggs.   
 Soul of Provence    Tabletop Ceramic and Textile  
 Wag's World Orchards A family farm since 1994, Wag's World Orchards grows superior fine fruits and vegetables at the base of the beautiful Grand Mesa in stunning Western Colorado. Operating year-round, Wag's World serves both the wholesale and retail customer with fresh and local peaches, apples, cherries, plums, nectarines, berries, and pears of all varieties AND all kinds of row crops: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, eggplant, herbs, lettuce, onions, squash and more!  Wags_World_Orchards_Logo.png 
 Winter Park Honey   Winter Park Honey is a family owned honey company dedicated to helping bees create the finest honey possible. All of the honey from Winter Park Honey is raw, unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed. Our honey comes straight from the comb to the bottle. We do everything by hand and do not use and mechanical bottling devices that would require heat. Therefore, it’s a slow process, but we are determined to maintain our quality without concerning ourselves with profit.   Winter_Park_Honey_Logo.png
 Wynn Farms Fruits, vegtables and herbs grown in Colorado  

Young Living Essential Oils
  Essential Oils  
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